Arabic for Nerds one

FILL THE GAPS – 270 questions about Arabic grammar

October 2015, 548 pages; Language: English

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  • ISBN-13: 978-3-9819848-7-3
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Arabic for Nerds 1


Gerald Drißner has spent years collecting interesting grammar problems, vocabulary, expressions, tips and traps – enough material for a whole book: Arabic for Nerds.

This book aims to fill a gap. There are many Arabic books for beginners, but good material for advanced learners is rare.

Arabic for Nerds is suitable for readers who have been learning Arabic for at least two years. Readers should have a solid vocabulary (3000+ words) and know how to conjugate verbs and form plurals.

This book explainshow Arabic works and gives readers tips on how to better use and understand the language.


Recommended for self-study (intermediate Arabic).

King's College, London

The author's passion for Arabic makes understanding grammar interesting.

DC Chamberlin,

Gerald Drißner is passionately in love with this language and you can feel it. Most existing Arabic books are unfortunately somewhat outdated or far too dry. This book is easy to flip through for hours on the sofa, and you will learn a lot. The fact that a non-native speaker has written this book is also important: he knows the difficulties. 

Sébastien Gravier,

Arabic for Nerds is not a conventional Arabic "grammar", and this is one of the best things about it! The book fills in many of those gaps that other books first create, and it explains the grammatical concepts it covers in a clear manner.

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