Gerald DRIßNER • Journalist | Buchautor
Have you been in the following situation? You know every single word in an Arabic sentence, but you don’t have a clue what the sentence is all about? The painful reason is: you don’t understand the grammar.

ARABIC FOR NERDS 2 is a grammar compendium. It gives you all the tools that you need to properly analyze any Arabic sentence – no matter if it is taken from a children’s book or the Holy Qur’an.

It is specifically intended for advanced learners.
A Grammar Compendium – 450 Questions about Arabic Grammar

October 2015, 548 pages; Language: English

August 2018, 828 pages; Language: English

Price: €26.99 / $25.99 / £21.99 / Hardcover: $29.99.
ISBN-13 (paperback): 978-3-9819848-0-4
ISBN-13 (hardcover): 978-3-9819848-1-1

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Rami Yelda: “The author has managed to simplify the complex issues associated with Arabic and has added relevant information about former Arabic grammarians. Also, by discussing about 450 grammatical questions he has succeeded in making learning Arabic relatively easy–a hard task but will-achieved. Highly recommended.”

Richard H.: “This is a formidable achievement by Gerald Drißner, who has comprehensively covered a multitude of questions of grammar that the advanced learner may come across. I particularly found the structured layout to be of benefit, as it allows the reader to quickly identify any particular aspect of grammar/i3rab about which you may have doubts, and read more deeply into the subject. A must have for anyone serious about improving degree-level Arabic.”

Hameed: “Many books have been written on learning and teaching Arabic Language by orientalists since the early 19th century for English speaking people. Many books have been written by native speakers too but none have succeeded in explaining the nitty- gritty of the language in away that will encourage a student to learn a challenging language like Arabic. Having used both the books I wish to advise all aspiring students who are trying to learn Arabic Languge to place your hands on these books. You will find answers you will never find in any other books on the subject on this planet.”