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Gerald Drißner takes on assignments both at home in Germany and abroad.

You can hire Gerald DRISSNER if you need a...


Reportage, interview, commentary, background stories


Investigative reporting (including in Arabic); fact-checking


Everything can be told as a story


Non-fiction books of all kinds


Seminars and workshops: journalism; research; Arab countries


Development of Arabic learning materials for non-native speakers


His stories were published in almost all important magazines and newspapers in German-speaking countries.

Reviews - what other people say about Gerald's work

Gerald Drißner foresaw what would move the whole world some time later. You can’t expect more ingenious foreshadowing from a journalist.

Axel Springer Preis

Marc Thomas Spahl

Axel Springer-Award (Laudatio 2011)

The literary travelogue is considered a dying commodity. In his book ‘As a Spy on the Nile’, Gerald Drißner vividly describes how Egypt’s society has developed beyond Nile cruises and luxury hotels on the Red Sea in recent years. He explains convincingly why the revolution brings the Muslim Brotherhood to power and why the military will not accept this eventually.

Martin Wein


Living in Tunisia or travelling around the country is not easy at the moment, Gerald Drißner’s well-researched book makes that clear. However, it offers special experiences, especially because many things are in a state of upheaval and others are in a state of departure. Drißner is, however, immune from developing an overly wildly romantic attitude of authenticity.

Stefan Fischer

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Gerald Drißner tours Tunisia from his small rented apartment in Tunis to the furthest corners of the country. The encounters with smugglers, farmers or revolutionaries and the conversations in the coffee houses let the reader experience Tunisian everyday life after the revolution.

Radio Oe1

Wolfgang Ritschl

Radio Ö1