journalist • author
digital concepts
journalist • author
digital concepts

journalist • author
digital concepts

Gerald Drißner (Drissner) is an award-winning journalist and book author from Austria. He develops digital content and writes books about Arabic grammar. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.


Gerald writes touching and engaging stories of all types and suitable for any platform: classical print, digital; audio, video; web.

He is an experienced researcher and often gets information that others don’t get.


Gerald publishes books on Arabic grammar and is the founder of Arabic for Nerds – a website for anyone who likes Arabic. Besides, he is a travel writer and has written several books.


Gerald programmed his first websites in a text editor in the early 1990s. Today, he designs websites that are found and read.


Gerald keeps to agreements and deadlines. He informs his clients about important stages - and delivers on time.


Gerald learned from the best journalists. He verifies and documents his sources - for a maximum of transparency.

classic and new media

Print, audio, video. Gerald has been programming since childhood and feels at home in the tangible & digital world.